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Logic World is a circuit simulator like no other. Immerse yourself in a bright and colorful world as you build circuits in 3D from a first-person perspective. Learn about the magic and wonder of digital logic, and grow your skills as you build machines of increasing complexity and grandeur.

Key Features

  • Digital Logic - Logic World is a simulation of digital circuits, running on the same principles as real world computer chips.
  • Performance - Build massive circuits and simulate them at thousands of updates per second, all without lag.
  • Building - Advanced building mechanics help you quickly move a design from your brain into the game world.
  • Multiplayer - Logic World is built from the ground up for collaborative multiplayer. The game comes with standalone self-hostable server software so you can build, invent, and learn with your friends.
  • Online Creation Hub - Upload your builds to share them with other players, and browse the creations of others.
  • DRM-Free - Both the game and the server software run entirely offline with no form of copy protection. Because DRM sucks.

A growing platform

The core of Logic World is there, and it's quite awesome, but we are brimming with ideas to make it even better. Throughout Early Access, and beyond the 1.0 release, we'll be constantly updating the game with new features and expanded gameplay.

Logic World will launch on October 22 for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the meantime, check out logicworld.net and the official discord.


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Logic World v0.91.1 - Windows.zip 460 MB
Logic World v0.91.1 - Linux.zip 477 MB
Logic World v0.91.1 - Mac.zip 434 MB
Logic World v0.91.1 Dedicated Server - Windows.zip 87 MB
Logic World v0.91.1 Dedicated Server - Linux.zip 86 MB
Logic World v0.91.1 Dedicated Server - Mac.zip 84 MB

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Help i can't create a world!

This error keeps popping up, here it is in the log.

2023-02-22T00:29:37Z | ERROR | [SceneAndNetworkManager] going to error screen with message: "ApplicationName='D:\itch.io\logic-world\Logic World v0.91 - Windows\Server\Server.exe', CommandLine='"--plain-text" "--no-color" "--offline" "--integrated" "--root" "D:\itch.io\logic-world\Logic World v0.91 - Windows" "--parent-pid" "*****" "--port" "*****" "--save" "Sandbox #1"', CurrentDirectory='D:\itch.io\logic-world\Logic World v0.91 - Windows\Server', Native error= The system cannot find the file specified.


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Apologies for the bugginess, and for my late reply. I am aware of this issue and a fix is coming in an update soon™. In the meantime, as a workaround, you should be able to fix it by creating a symlink from Server/Server to Server/net7.0/Server.

Edit: this issue has now been fixed :)


this is probably an over-requested feature, but I'd like to see a circuit-saving feature of some sort, one that will allow you to save a circuit with a name and pull it from a menu at a moment's notice, or even from the hotbar. that would be much more convenient than manually selecting every single item in a circuit every single time.


Coming soon :D

Would like to get a steam key for it...


If you want the game on Steam, buy it on Steam. This is the Itch page.

In the future we will sell Steam keys directly through the logicworld.net store, but we haven't launched that yet.

I would pay more too
I can barely wait for it.

Thank you very much! If you're really itching to give us more money you can buy extra copies of the game to give away ;)

Hey, I was wondering how much the game will be priced and whether if you can import TUNG boards into the new game.


Logic World will cost $12. Unfortunately we will not have TUNG board/save import.

Are you in America?

Will it be released on Australian summer or American Summer?

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Hello, I'm very sorry I forgot to respond to you earlier.

The announcement was for American summer, but unfortunately we failed to hit that date. Instead, we'll be launching on October 22nd!

Is the price still set at $12?


Yep! $12 USD at launch. The price will be raised throughout Early Access as we ship major updates.