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Build. Program. Simulate. Logic World teaches you how circuits do math.

Key Features

  • Digital Logic - Build circuits that work the same way real world computer chips do.
  • Challenges - Solve puzzles from simple logic gates to complex machines like calculators and data storage.
  • Multiplayer - Logic World is built from the ground up for collaborative multiplayer. Take on Challenges with your friends or build together freely in Sandbox mode.
  • Performance - Build massive circuits and simulate them at thousands of updates per second - all without lag.
  • Modding - Logic World features powerful modding tools - the same tools the developers are using to make the game.
  • Online Hub - Share your builds, mods, and custom challenges on logicworld.net.

Logic World is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux in Summer 2020. In the meantime, check out logicworld.net, follow @LogicWorldGame on twitter, and join the official discord.

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Hey, I was wondering how much the game will be priced and whether if you can import TUNG boards into the new game.


Logic World will cost $12. Unfortunately we will not have TUNG board/save import.