Logic World Wednesdays: Orange Orbs of Joy

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We thought it was time to show off some multiplayer gameplay!

This week we’ve made it so you can see other players. Previously they were ghosts; you could see their effect on the world, but not the players themselves.

The smiling orange ball - affectionately dubbed “Bobby” by our discord - is just a placeholder. The final game will have actual art :P

Logic World Wiki - Felipe

A game like Logic World must have a place where all the knowledge about modding and other details is stored, and thus the Logic World Wiki was born! It’s empty right now, but when the game comes out this is where we’ll host modding tutorials and documentation, in both written and video form.

New Player Controller - Jimmy

This week I’ve overhauled the player’s movement code. Here are all the features it has:

  • walking
  • running
  • crouching
  • flying
    • flying can be with or without a locked Y axis
  • optional & adjustable movement smoothing
  • optional & adjustable mouse smoothing

Best of all, the player controller is super moddable. You can change the way my code works, or even replace it entirely with your own code.

You can see the new controller in action in the Multiplayer video above.

Dynamic Components - Jimmy

Each component in Logic World has what we call a ‘prefab’, information which defines how the component looks. This includes the number of blocks, the shape of those blocks, the number and positions of its inputs and outputs, and several other things.

Previously, component prefabs were static. Each instance of a component would look exactly the same. But this week I’ve been overhauling the way the game handles prefabs so that a component can change its appearance. Among other things, this means we can make many more components resizable in the same way boards are.

I had really hoped to show this off today, but it was much harder than I expected and the system isn’t done yet. Next week you can expect to see Dynamic Components in action - there’s a lot of cool stuff I plan to do with them.

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See you next Wednesday!

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