Logic World Wednesdays: Board Models & Component Resizing

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Welcome back to another Logic World Wednesday! This week, Logic World surpassed 3,000 wishlists on Steam. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Board Models - Jimmy

I added interactable 3D models to the board menu! Now you can see what your saved circuits look like before you load them.

Sometime in the future I'd like to let you 3D print these models. I would love to have a little circuit for my desk, that would just be so cool.

Resizable Components - Jimmy

I’ve been working on a system for resizing components in the same way you can resize boards. This will eliminate the need for having many different components that are just the same component resized.

This feature was suggested last week by @ForLoveOfCats. Thanks, Cats!

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See you next Wednesday!

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